Skyline Graffix strives to deliver quality original web sites for each of our clients. Our team specializes in bringing your image to the Internet and tailoring it to your target audience. Reach long lasting organic search engine results with our expert search engine optimization techniques, and convert your website traffic with our award-winning website design!

Q: Why should I choose Skyline Graffix to design my web site?
We take great pride in producing original and intelligent web site interfaces. Our team tests projects in a variety of devices and browsers to ensure compatibility across the board. Each web site design is unique to the project, and development utilizes current cutting-edge technology practices.

Q: How much does a web site typically cost?
The total cost of a web site varies according to each individual’s needs. We work with you to create an ideal package with appropriate pricing for your business.

Q: I have a web site, but I’d like it to look more professional. Can you help?
Yes! We can examine your current site, discuss your goals, formulate a strategy, and work with you to redesign your site.

Q: Why do I or my company need a web site?
The Internet is the fastest growing advertising media in the history of the world. It costs less to put up a web site that can be seen by millions of people, have far more information and can be updated regularly than it does by putting a half page advertisement in the local yellow pages. A web site can answer all of your customer’s most frequently asked questions, 24 hours a day, every day, freeing your staff to develop new business.

Q: How long does it take you to build a web site?
All Skyline Graffix web sites are custom built for each client, around your business, to ensure an original product each time. Much as budgets vary, the development time of projects depends on the needs of that project. Most projects are completed within 2 weeks time.

Q: How should we decide what we want?
Search for competitors on the web and observe how they present their products. Find certain aspects of many web sites that you like. The more information you give us, the better we can devise a web site design that works for you.

Q: Can we have music or an audio track play on my web site?
Yes, we can add music, however, we prefer you supply the music file. Should it be necessary, we can provide studio time to professionally record your piece.

Q: Can we have animation and/or video?
With today’s Internet always progressing forward, Skyline Graffix utilizes Flash and other animated technologies to create visuals for projects. Depending on a project, we may recommend against using Flash or any specific technology to ensure compliance across your target audiences devices.

Q: How can I keep track of the traffic at my web site?
We make available a statistic report that will tell you detailed information on your web sites visitors. Track geographically where a visitor came from in the world, their duration of visit, conversion metrics, points of entry and more. Our expert team can then work with you to analyze and develop a strategic search engine plan of attack.

Q: I have a small business and need a web site. Where do I start?
Do you have a company brochure, logo, or other materials that would contribute to telling the world about your company? This is where our web designers begin.

Q: Why should I hire a web site designer?
Our web designers are award winning professionals who have worked in every industry from hospitality, health, travel, and legal to entertainment. They are seasoned vets of bringing your company online with intelligent organization and quality presentation. Let our web designers implement proven skills to create your web site creatively, quickly and efficiently.

Q: Will everyone see my site the same?
Users will see some things differently depending on their browser and screen resolution setting. Our team bug tests leading Internet browsers, different resolutions, and several devices to ensure your web site renders properly to each display.

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