In our increasing digital world, messages are fleeting, gone with a click on a screen or a remote. Promotional items stick around and sometimes become a part of a consumer’s daily routine. A favorite coffee cup,  a koozie,  pens or highlighters, a flashlight or an umbrella, they all last a while.

More than 80 percent of consumers keep a promotional product more than a year, according to PPAI research, with most people keeping items up to 5 years.

PPAI research also shows that when consumers were asked about a promotional item they had received in the previous two years, 3 out of 4 could remember the product, the advertiser and the message.

Our design team helps each client understand what they are looking for and how to achieve the right promotional product to giveaway.  Many of our clients purchase many different promotional products for trade shows, presentations, or for their salespeople to hand out on calls.  There is no better way grab a potential new customer’s attention than giving them a gift prior to the pitch.